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SoftFuse Password Generator Pro is a perfect piece of code to generate strong unique passwords
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23 November 2011

Editor's review

To protect your information you need to create a strong password. Using Security SoftFuse Password Generator software you can create extremely strong, secure passwords up to 255-character length. It is useful to system administrators, internet service providers; security accounts managers, Professionals and regular users.

Features: To generate a password you need to specify parameters and based on these parameters you can generate a strong password. The application allows you to set length of password; you can set length up to 255 characters. You can generate single password or a list of passwords. Specify the quantity to generate list of passwords. The software allows you to set character set as upper case, lower case, number, special character and custom character. With advanced options you can define mask, prefix and suffix. Click on Generate list button to generate the password, you can see on right side of screen ID, username and password. You can manage usernames/passwords with view/edit/delete functions and keep them in a single database file. Software allows you to export password generated file in various formats such as TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, PDF and XLS.

Application has a simple user interface, you can perform setting and password creation operations from a single user screen. The performance of the software is fast, you can quickly generate passwords which is difficult to crack.

Overall: This is nice software to generate passwords automatically.

Publisher's description

Do you want to generate and manage strong unique passwords in a convenient, professional way? SoftFuse Password Generator Pro is a right choice and powerful enough tool for you, then. This professional password generator designed to produce strong unique passwords/PINs/pass-codes/hashes in seconds!
Using this software you can easily generate extremely strong and complex passwords up to 255-character length and lists including up to billion entries. While generating passwords you may combine uppercase/lowercase letters, digits, custom characters. Or generate complex passwords by mask.
Each generated password has created, modified and expiry dates. A password's expiration option makes the password invalid after a certain amount of time automatically. Built-in hash generator outputs passwords' hashes in MD5/SHA-1/SHA-2. The entire password's database is kept in a single portable file which could be stored on your secured flash-disk or encrypted HDD-disk. Usernames, passwords, notes, expiration status and other fields can be exported to a dozen of file formats (txt, xls, pdf, html, xml, etc.).
As you can see, this is a very powerful, fast and easy to use password generating and user management software. For additional information about this tool, please visit us at Protect your sensitive information and documents with virtually impossible-to-crack passwords. Generate strong passwords with SoftFuse Password Generator Pro!
SoftFuse Password Generator Pro
SoftFuse Password Generator Pro
Version 2.7
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